You cannot write a new chapter if you keep re-reading the old one

Happy New Year yogis!

So, I was never big on the whole Setting-New-Year’s-Resolutions thing. It always felt contrived and gimmick-y, as though we had one pressure-filled day to magically become the best versions of ourselves. That’s not reasonable, and that’s not how I operate as a human, yoga student, or teacher. Learning and growing are anything but linear. They will not happen overnight, and certainly not because society tells us they should.

What I am big on, however, is self-acceptance, exploring outside of comfort zones, making mistakes, and learning from them in order to navigate, with love, our lives and relationships. I believe we - ALL of us - are innately equipped to create whatever life we want, whenever we want, simply by freeing ourselves of old habits of thinking.

We write stories every day, complete with a lineup of characters telling us how to react to every situation. Your kids catch a cold, the Mother in you tells you you failed, to rush them to the doctor and nurture them back to health. You bomb a presentation or flunk an exam, the Judgmental jerk in you will rear its ugly, doubting head. Your car shits the bed and costs you tons of money, the Self-Doubter will remind you of how financially limited you are. Life is sometimes a smorgasbord of shit, and we have a cast of characters in our heads making up stories about each and every situation. And that’s ok, that means we’re human…but it’s nice to remember that we are the writers, not the characters. We can replace those voices with ones that better serve our true soul’s purpose…better yet, we can take a minute to breathe, meditate, and tune out the crazies all together. :)

Stressful stuff happens, but you are not the stress. You are not your frustration, your anger, or your sadness. You are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts, and you are most certainly not that crazy person in your head doubting your every move, instilling fear, and shattering your self confidence.

You are love. And you don’t need to set a resolution for 2017 to remind yourself of this simple and deep-seated fact. You are also the writer, so write! And re-write, and re-write, and re-write…every minute of every day, for 2017 and beyond.

Happy manifesting, and a very happy New Year!


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