In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb...

 Happy March, Yogis!

Winter is winding down, days are growing longer, and birds are chirping just a little louder. There’s something about March in New England that feels triumphant, almost celebratory, in its meaning that we endured another harsh and cold season.

This winter was the first one I’ve spent outside of Boston in about 8 years, (save for last year when I threw in the towel of fighting over shoveled-out parking spots, and fled to Costa Rica). Winter on the seacoast showed me a new kind of beauty to the dark. While watching blizzards churn the ocean, experiencing the shimmer of a fresh coat of snow on trees and mountaintops, noticing how cleansing cool air can feel in February…it reminded me that this time is just another necessary part of the cycle. Winter, the cold and the dark, is essential for nourishment. It holds a sort of “underground” space for things to cultivate. Without winter, we’d never have a spring - just like how without the dark, we’d never see light.

In my yoga teacher training, during a discussion about loss and hardship, one of our teachers offered that “We need the dark places. The dark places are where stuff grows.” In light of yoga’s teachings that the only way around hardship is through it, this sentiment stuck with me. Winter and its incubation facilities escaped me when stressing in the city about scavenging, shoveling, and saving parking spots as though it were the last piece of food on Earth. (Boston, I love you, but you are stressful as hell in the winter.)

No matter my geographic location, though, this new perception is the one I choose to embrace. Whether in Boston or Bora Bora, moving through the natural cycles of Mama Gaia is just another magical privilegeof our one miraculous life. So, cheers to you, Winter, and sorry for the hate this past decade. Thank you for showing me the light of the dark, the soulfulness of the snow, and for the gift of hearing the birds chirp just a little louder these days. 

Happy March, and NAMASTE!  



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